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Phryne Was Saved From Death by Her Sexy Body

Andrei Tapalaga

The judges upon seeing the beauty of her body withdrew all of their accusations and let her be. All of them referred to Phryne’s body as the most divine in ancient history. What is even more interesting is that Praxiteles, the famous artist who created the statue of Aphrodite in Cnidos based his creation on Phryne’s body.

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Prostitution in the Ancient Mediterranean

Rebecca Denova

Prostitution in the ancient world usually referred to a classification of women and men who offered their sexual services outside the parameters of law codes for ancient society. The word 'prostitute' derives from the Latin prostituere ("to expose publicly").

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A look into the work of a sex surrogate


CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks with a sex surrogate whose work with a quadriplegic helped him rediscover his sexuality.

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Sexuality & disability -- a seat at the table: Cheryl Cohen Greene at TEDxFiDiWomen

TEDxFiDi Women

Sexuality & disability -- a seat at the table: Cheryl Cohen Greene at TEDxFiDiWomen

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One for Joy: A Unique Exploration of Extra Marital Intimacy Paperback Sold by Cloudtail India and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Dr Priyaranjan Nandy

“In this book, the noted Andrologist Dr Priyaranjan Nandy offers a less extreme and more realistic treatment of adultery, which he concedes to be as old as the institution of marriage.” Padma Shri Dr Prakash Kothari

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SEX-TOY or SEX-AID | HELP - R Pandiarajan's Award Winning Shortfilm

R Pandiarajan

is it an unnatural device? As a mother I feed him take him to toilet take care of every needs but when he is overcome by sexual gender needs he behaves abnormally becomes eccentric..... The boy is unnatural

Why are Sex Toys Banned in India?


We have had a complicated relationship with sex toys and this week lets understand what the problem is and why sex toys are banned. How are companies trying to work their way around and what exactly does the law say.

Sex Education in India

East India Comedy

The health ministry of India recently suggested that sex education be banned in the country. We look at India's attitude towards sex through a "government approved" sex education lecture.

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Imdaad | International Award Winning Short Film | Critically Acclaimed Short on Sex Education

Simple Idea Productions

Megha is in desperate situation and looking for some help. Would she be comfortable in asking for help from a boy?

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