Membership fee RS : 5999

Membership Criteria

Any MBBS (and above) Doctor practing sexual medicne (Women/Men above the age of 22 years and shall be eligible to become a memberof this society subject ot the approval of the executive Committee

There shall be three categories of members, (a) Ordinary Members (b) Active Members and (c) Life Members

All Members is to remit Membership Fee and annual Subscription , Membership Fee and Subscription decided by Executive Committee from time to time.

Benefits of IASMPMM membership

As full member of the International Association of Sexual Medicine Practitioners Modern Medicine

have access to a network of Indian + International Sexual Medicine Specialists

have access to the IASMPMM Online learning

have discounted fees for the Conferences,Workshops and all other meetings/symposia

have access to the members only section of the IASMPMM website